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Environmental objectives

Every year Hanplast's management establishes strategic and operational objectives, taking into account the risks and opportunities arising from the activities carried out and taking into account significant environmental aspects, as well as legal and other requirements to which the company has committed itself.

Hanplast, following the path of sustainable development, has installed a photovoltaic installation on the roofs of its buildings. Our installation consists of 4958 modules with a total capacity of 1,24 MW. It is the largest rooftop photovoltaic installation in Europe. Thanks to the photovoltaic panels, we obtain electricity that we use entirely for our own energy needs. Moreover, we have our own photovoltaic power plants in three locations in the West Pomeranian region with a total capacity of 2.7 MW, and two more up to 1 MW are planned.

We monitor and publish the energy yield of the installations on an ongoing basis.



Hanplast sp. z o.o. complies with IWAY - the IKEA Code of Ethical Conduct.

It contains minimum requirements concerning: environmental protection, social and working conditions when purchasing products, materials and services.

Environmental protection

In order to minimise our negative impact on the environment, we introduce:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption

(reduction of insertion and start-up times; reduction of shortages)

  • Technological innovation

(automation of the machinery park; HOSHIN actions; KAIZEN conclusions; reduction of failure rates)

  • Waste segregation system

(maintaining waste segregation process among employees; minimizing generated waste)

Working conditions

We provide our employees with good, decent and safe ergonomic, physical and mental working conditions. We do not employ children.

Social conditions

We ensure that our employees are entitled to:

  • Timely receipt of wages - once a month.
  • A day off at least once every seven days, as well as days off as provided by law.
  • Appeal against reprimands, disciplinary action and dismissal.